Exchange Student Thanks Supervising Representative for Wonderful Year

We know that exchange students can impact the lives of host families all throughout the United States, but here is telling evidence of just how meaningful an exchange program is to students from all around the world. This letter was written by a Polish exchange student, who spent a whole year in Michigan, for her supervising representative:

“I just want to tell you that I love you much more than you love me. And if you will ever need anything just please let me know. I would do everything to make you happy.

“And don’t be sad that I am gone. Be happy that we had the opportunity to meet. I was so unhappy when I got a message that my year in America I will spend in Michigan, cause I wanted California – Los Angeles, something what is called American dream. But you know what? I would never exchange Michigan, cause I am aware of this that people are the most important part of the exchange year and I just know I came to Michigan to meet you.It is so much easier to live with the thought that even on the other side of the world there is somebody, who you can count on. This is how I feel about you. I just love you and please let me know whenever you will need something my
Beautiful Mommy.”