August Brings The First Wave of Exchange Students

Placing foreign exchange students is a rewarding albeit difficult experience for many area representatives throughout the United States. The ISE NY office understands this and appreciates the dedication and commitment that each local representative has for exchange students.

As August rolls on, we are reminded of how amazing the world of student exchange truly is for Americans and international students. In the southern United States, many students have begun to arrive and exchange their cultures with their host families. In less than a month, students will arrive in the northern United States where they too will begin their exchange programs.

We are all delighted that this program continues on in 2010 and that people like you make it a reality for all parties involved.

If you are interested in hosting an exchange student, please visit

Study Abroad as an American High School Student!

American high school students think about proms, football games, pep rallies, and homework on an almost daily basis, but the thought of traveling abroad to study in another country is hardly ever considered. As we move forward in the 21st century the world is becoming smaller, cultures are intersecting, and the need for greater understanding between countries is even greater. International Student Exchange(ISE) believes in the need for more Outbound programs, which is why we have developed multiple programs to suit the needs of different students. ISE now offers an academic year program, which typically lasts 10 months, a semester program, which lasts 5 months, and a summer program, lasting 2-3 weeks in either Italy or France.

ISE is also proud of its home teacher program which allows interested applicants to live in either Italy, France or Belgium for a select period of time where they will teach a host family English while the host family provides room, board, and a cultural exchange program.

Please visit ISE’s Outbound site to learn more!

BBC Reporter Visits Host Family in FL, Shows the Power of High School Exchange

Franz Strasser, a digital reporter for BBC World News America and originally from Germany files a video report about his return to Mayo, Florida, where he spent the 2001-02 school year as a high school exchange student living with the Gresham family. For the Greshams, hosting an exchange student was not only about broadening their horizons, but also about adding another member to their family.

 “When you moved into the house and you were straight from Germany,” Aaron Gresham, Strasser’s host brother, reminisced, “it was a big culture shock because, you know, you did things a lot differently than we do things here in the States. But it was a good experience for me, because you were probably the first person from another country that I’ve met.”

 Added Strasser’s other host brother, Alex, about hearing his family would take in an exchange student: “I was excited because I was thinking, ‘Oo, another brother!’”

 For Strasser, his experience as an exchange student with the Greshams directly led to his current career: “My path to ultimately living and working in the [U.S.] started right here [in Mayo]

Strasser points out, however, that the importance of his time as a high school exchange student ultimately did not lie in school or language studies or the chance to travel to a new place. Rather,
it lay in gaining a new family and experiencing the real people and places that make up the United States. As Strasser concludes:

“What made it so special was [the Greshams] didn’t treat me as a foreigner; they took me in as one of their own.

 “…It’s one thing to be lucky enough to spend a year in an American high school as an exchange student. But my idea about this country— its hospitality and the character of its people—was shaped in this small town and by this family.”