ISE Students Volunteer at a Haunted House

12 ISE students in Texas recently participated as actors in a Haunted House called the Boneyard as part of their Project HELP volunteer requirements. The Boneyard is a non profit Haunted House ( ) in Arlington, Texas. The Boneyard’s proceeds benefit Special Olympics. The kids had a blast scaring people in all different accents! The owner of the Boneyard said the kids all did such a great job and he invited them back to help out.

It was a great time for a great cause!

Sunscreen and Motivation Required!

As the temperature rises, the days become longer, flip flops are a uniform, and homework is put away until September it’s hard to stay motivated. Whether the task is related to work or fun, occasionally one may find that summer is a mentality not just a season!

In the world of student exchange, the summer months are very busy and though year after year we say we will finish early and have the summer off, we spend our summers working extra hard. When all you want to do is be in the pool, at the beach, or BBQing, it’s hard to take time out to place students.

Here are are few ways to help you beat the summer mentality and find families:

Seek out the popular outdoor activities in your town. Examples may be a community pools, summer schools, vacation bible schools, and talk to people, pass out fliers, set up a table for an afternoon with info about hosting.

Look for places where the AC is pumping! The mall, grocery stores, YMCA. On a hot day there is nothing cooler than staying indoors with the AC.

Set up an information session at the local park. Spend 20 bucks and give ice pops to all that attend.

Have the kids in your neighborhood set up a lemonade stand. For every glass of lemonade that they give out, ask them to give out a flier about hosting!

Find a local dog park, pass out dog bones and info about hosting.

On a rainy day, bring out your list of families and cold call. Pull out the phone book and call!

Remember, people want to host, they just don’t know it yet! Educate about hosting and all the benefits it can bring, and you are sure to find families!

ISE Students Have Fun in a Corn Maze!

The two Norwegian exchange students hit the Cornbelly Corn Maze on Saturday to celebrate birthday as well as the Halloween Spirit. It’s one of the largest mazes in the USA – Thanksgiving Point, Lehi, UT.