Italian Student Perfects English With Tennis

Silvia-Galimberti-Tennis-PlayerItalian student, Silvia Galimberti, was highlighted in the Virginia Gazette last week for her impressive role in the success of the Jamestown High School tennis team. She is quoted saying that although she enjoys playing tennis, it is not common to find team sports such as tennis offered in Italian schools, and that she enjoys the fact that she can be part of the team in Jamestown.

For Galimberti, playing tennis was a way for her to integrate into her school and improve her English skills. “It was hard in the beginning…they couldn’t understand me, “says Galimberti, “but being on the team helped me get to know people and them to know me.”

Since the initial obstacles, Galimberti has become an indispensible member of the team, becoming proficient in her strokes and boosting morale for the team overall. Her American teammates have been quoted as saying that it gives them great pride “when [they] hear her Italian voice cheering” them on.

Galimerti says that she plans to keep playing when she gets back to Italy, but that there is still a lot she wants to see before she returns home.