ISE’s Honorable Students: We Could Not Have Done It Without You

The 11/12 school year is quickly reaching its conclusion, which for ISE means that our outstanding body of students will be returning to their home countries and reuniting with their friends and natural families. As host families all over the country are packing the car and preparing to take their foreign sons and daughters to the airport, they are looking back at the previous year and thinking about how different their lives will be now that they have had these experiences. It is a simple statement, but once you host a student your life is forever changed for the better. You possess a deeper and richer understanding, the world gets a little bit smaller, and the places and people that seemed so foreign are now a part of your life as you make your way into the global community.

Some host parents come to realize early on that the students who volunteer for this program are exceptional people, both academically and socially. They are people who give back to their community, who strive for excellence in everything they do, and who respect cultural diversity. They come to the US for a chance to broaden their horizons and enrich their lives, and that would not be possible without the families across the country who open their doors and hearts and are rewarded in ways that transcend words and description.

For all of you families out there who hosted this year, and shared with us your wonderful stories about your students’ achievements, we at ISE would like to honor you and these young people without whom this program would never be possible. The following is a list of students who have gone above and beyond the expectations of their families and the program we offer, who have achieved a significant academic honor and chose to share that with us. If this student is your son or daughter, we offer congratulations to you and yours. You have raised an exceptional human being and rewarded our program with their presence. And if you hosted one of these students, thank you for giving these young people the opportunity to study, strive, and excel.

ISE wishes you all a safe a pleasant summer with your families and loved ones. Please keep sharing your stories with us!

All students included below have achieved honors or high honors at their local school and participated in Project Help. Well done and safe home!

Thanaporn Suthinoparatanakul

Natalja Girod

Yuguo Zhang

Dung Quach

Julia Franchi

Tu Nguyen

Young Hyun Jung

Hyeokjae Lee

Jingwen Hua

Yao Han

Yufei Hou

Sigi Zhang

Thais Soranzo

Fanny Michaux

Xiangjia Sang

Carolina Hagman

Natalia Ganevskaya

Katharina Deisenroth

Jan Pitella

Andrea Moreno

Lydia Eicher

Mercedes Perez

Ratchanon Deesrisak

Hongying Wu

Chenyeng Mo

Nhi Quach

Tamires Oliveira

Jana Wicki

Maria Ruvalcaba

Katnaphat Asadamongkolpant

Stine Johannessen

Giovanna Pegorer

Yungi Yang

Laetitia Bolte

Hana Boldisova

Katharina Weber

Julia Isabella Pucher

Tadeus Krejci

Natalija Krsaojevic

Dhanabhat Medhanvikul

Michal Baugartner

Xinyi “Sherry” Zhao

Kanokphan “Poy” Sudprasert

Yizhou “Bessie” Yang

Giang Pham

Josephine Hearthe

Svenja Beer

Jannik Kessens

Cesare Rey

Thanh “Barbara” Nguyen

Andrea Jaramillo

Lene Schioetz

Thi Khanh Nguyen

Mandy Lukie

Arturo Rios

Linh Tran

Yifan Wang

Julia Mengehel