Northwest Students Build Homes for Those in Need

Exchange students from ISE’s Northwest region came together on October 13th to give back to their community by helping the famed Habitat for Humanity build homes for Washington residents in need. The students admitted that althougth it was hard work, it was fun and rewarding and motivated each one of them in their efforts to assist their American neighbors and establish an identity in their community.


“It was good for the kids,” says representative Sharon Burns, who is always looking for ways to show her community what her brilliant and energetic students are capable of. “The [students] got to meet new friends and experience what it means to give back.”

The work completed on the 13th consisted mostly of weatherproofing the new building’s seams and foundation with watertight caulk, an important step in building any new structure in the Northwest. As the photos show, some of the students also participated in helping to lay the groundwork for a new driveway leading to the newly built homes.IMG_0037IMG_0054

Habitat for Humanity has plans to build enough homes on this plot to eventually house twenty families, and though the students were a bit worn out by day’s end, each said they were looking forward to returning for the winter session to help compelte the interior work planned in the next phase of construction.IMG_0045