The Goal of Student Exchange: Arrivals Begin a New Chapter for ISE

Have you ever thought about studying abroad? If you are considering it, you can ask any one of the thousands of participants of foreign exchange programs arriving during the next few weeks. Each student brings something different to the proverbial table, whether it is a different experience, different customs, or different beliefs. But the one thing that they will have in common is the courage that it takes to leave behind their homes and their friends and family to explore the unknown.

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If one were to look at the parameters of the J-1 program, on the surface it seems almost ludicrous. Imagine uprooting yourself from family, friends, school, and community to cross an enormous distance and take up residence with total strangers. Sounds daunting, doesn’t it? Well it may for some, but thousands of students do it each and every year with great success, earning honors and bringing joy to thousands of families. The fear of the unknown notwithstanding, for the students who muster the courage to leave their comfort zones each year there are adventures waiting to found.

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Education and cultural exchange are the keystones to the J-1 program, and relationships are the driving force. What really propels the J-1 program forward is the social engine. Each student gets a unique experience, a new family, and a chance to see what America is really like. Meeting friends, becoming part of a family, and stepping into the role of the diplomat create the exchange that brings nations together and creates new ways of thinking.

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There are no limits to what learning and understanding can do for the human race. The students that will arrive over the course of these next few weeks are a testament to the dream of a unified global community. Attainability is a plane ticket and a warm handshake away.