Special Interest News Story on Local Area Representative

Cybele Owen, an area representative in the Capital Region outside the Washington D.C. area recently had a special interest article written about her in a professional business online magazine. Here is what the magazine had to say about Cybele:

Travel was in Cybele Owen’s blood; she was a tour guide for several years and loved learning about different cultures. But when the hours and the demands of her position became too much, Owen knew she needed a new job with the same stimulation as her old one.Becoming a liasion for International Student Exchange was the perfect solution.“What I enjoy the most is meeting new people and finding out their interests,” Owen says of her new position, matching students from around the world with couples interested in hosting an exchange student for an extended period of time. “I thought of the tours I really enjoyed, and remembered a tour of nineteen exchange students in Florida. I really enjoyed learning about them and their culture.”

The host families provide room, board,and a caring atmosphere, but they receive a lot in return,” They don’t get any financial incentive; it’s about being connected to the global environment. The host families get to learn, on a first hand level, about other countries with no expense. Traveling to these countries is very pricey, especially for a family of four,” explains Owen.

Working for a student exchange seemed a natural choice for Owen, who was an exchange student herself for a year and a half in China. She now works with students from China, as well as from Germany, Vietnam, and Spain.

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