International Student Exchange Takes Historic Texas Tour

Aside from being a keystone in the American cultural landscape, Texas also represents one of the most populated and culturally diverse states in the union. Home to over 25 million residents, Texas has been and continues to be an important part of the American “melting pot,” boasting a mixture of races and creeds that rivals both New York and California. But what many people do not know is that Texas also contains one of the highest concentrations of foreign exchange students in the United States.


The Council on Standards for International and Educational Travel (CSIET) reported in their 2011-2012 statistical publication that at 1,826 students, Texas ranked second only to one other state, and by a fairly wide margin at that. The fact is that Texas and its residents welcome the exchange program, and that the students have been able to find a place the supports their mission of cultural immersion and educational travel.

And what is not to like? Because of its expansive landmass and the sheer breadth of its borders, Texas offers a little bit of just about every climate and landscape in the United States. It has rich, tumultuous and interesting history, and played a significant part in the westward expansion that shaped the way the country as a whole appears on the map to this very day. Perhaps these reasons are why Texas is so appealing to the exchange program, and why so many students elect to live there year in and year out.


The photos listed here are just a few of the students that call Texas their home, and as you can see they are enjoying themselves thoroughly. ISE would like to thank the state of Texas and its residents for helping to make the student exchange program the rich and vibrant experience it is today.

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