Area Representative Peggy Griggs Spotlights One of Her Shining Stars

It is not uncommon for ISE Area Representatives to become mentors to students. As a matter of fact, it is more often the rule than the exception. As an Area Rep, you find a family for your student to live with, monitor his or her progress while living in the U.S. and are there for many of the important milestones that happen during the crucial young adult stage that ISE students occupy. Watching a student grow, learn, and mature as a person forms a kind of bond that is difficult to dissolve and impossible to forget.

That is why International Student Exchange loves to read stories like the one below, submitted by Peggy Griggs, an ISE Representative from El Paso, TX. Her student, Simon Grung, seems destined for many great things, and ISE is proud to hear of his accomplishments. Please read on:

Simen Grung, an exchange student from Norway, attends Faith Christian Academy in El Paso, Texas. He is an excellent student. His host mother, Norma Zacherl, and I are very proud of him for all of his achievements.

Simen will be attending the 2013 TCAL (Texas Christian Athletic League) State Fine Arts and Academics Competition on April 17 – 20, 2013 in San Antonio, Texas. The competition includes categories in Music, Dance, Fine Arts and Mathematics. He will have an entry in three categories: Sculpture, Photography, and Choir.

Faith Christian Academy, established in 1981, offers the total package in education, as well as an excellent educational opportunity for students ranging from K-3 through 12th grade. FCA is fully accredited by the International Christian Accrediting Association and recognized as an accredited school by the Texas Education Association. Committed to providing their students and their parents with as many tools as possible, FCA strives to ensure success in education. All of their students achieve a higher level academically, spiritually, and physically.
Best wishes to Simen in the 2013 TCAL State Fine Arts and Academics competition.

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