Volunteer: There is Still Time!

This has been great year for ISE’s Project HELP initiative. As of the final tally just days ago, student have contributed a total of 25,000 hours to community service, making this year another resounding success. From feeding the hungry to helping fight illness, our students have once again made ISE proud to offer this program to some of the highest caliber people this world can produce.

Rhett Walker Band with ISE students

Projects this year ranged from simple gestures of kindness, such as helping neighbors and cleaning parks, to large scale projects like our student partnership with the American Red Cross and Ronald McDonald House. In a grand coordinated effort, students have once again proved that our cultural and geographic divides mean nothing when people work together.

Habitat for Hummanity 2

For most students, the next few weeks are going to mark the culmination of the exchange program. As they return home, each student will reflect on what this year has meant, and what has been accomplished. In addition to the scholastic achievements, the new friends, the lifelong memories, each student that takes part in the program and gives to Project HELP enriches the lives of each and every American, and in many profound ways.

Habitat for Hummanity

But the year is not over yet. Schools in many places around the country still have several weeks to go. There are still people that need help and projects that can be completed. Look for a local source or begin a fund drive. Perhaps begin collecting funds for relief from the wildfires in California or the tornadoes that have devastated homes in the south. There is still time to put together events for Project HELP, so don’t be discouraged by the date on the calendar. The warm months are here, and it is time to get outside.

Community Service

If you have an idea or would like to say something to our students, like us on Facebook or tell others about your student exchange experience. Feedback from students and families is always welcome, so please let the world know that we can work together to create something amazing.

Good luck and thanks to our departing students!

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